​​​​Continuing Education Training  for Clinicians for CEU's

Talks, Workshops

Supervision toward MFT licensure:

  • Individual
  • Group

6-week Clinics:

  • The Authentic Therapist (for clinicians)
  • Self-Love Clinic (for anyone)
  • Couples' Communication Training (for couples)

To register or for more info please

 send e-mail to info@Center4AuthenticLiving.com.

Couples Counseling

  • Create safety in intimacy!
  • Resolve old issues quickly
  • Learn to communicate, assert, negotiate
  • Enhance your ability to listen
  • Talk so you can be heard
  • Cultivate positive connection
  • Repair and grow trust toward each other
  • Marriage Rescue Program


  • Couples' and Marriage Counseling

            Communication Skills

​            Sexual issues

            Premarital counseling

            Conflict resolution

  • Family Therapy

            Divorce/Remarriage/Blended Families

            After the Affair


  • Individual Therapy

           Women's Issues

           Weight Loss

           Depression therapy



           Trauma (PTSD)




           Teen issues

           Childhood anxiety

           Childhood Behavior

           Grief and Loss

           Stress Related Physical Problems


           Stress Management

           Change of Life

           Personal Growth

Turning even life-long unhappiness and depression into inner peace and joyful togetherness, with effective psychotherapy and couples's counseling 

Couples' Counseling and Psychotherapy in Ridgefield, CT

Short-term, Interactive, Effective

"A deeply sincere, generous and valuable contribution to our self-help literature." Ilona Sakalauskas, LCSW, RN

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​"Apple of My I: The Four
Practices of Self-Love"

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